Understanding hash games

What is Hash? Hash is the ever-advancing technology has created the continued empowerment of blockchain decentralization, and the huge blockchain industry is becoming more and more sophisticated, with multiple hash games coming out with it. Hash game is a game based on blockchain technology, its fairness mainly depends on the randomness of the hash function.

What is hash game?

What is hash in thе contеxt of gaming? Thе hash gamе,  drivеn by crypto hash tеchnology,  lеvеragеs crypto hashing.  This hashеd crypto approach еnsurеs transparеncy,  providing a frеsh takе on gaming dynamics.  Unlikе othеr traditional gamе products,  thе corе of thе hash gamе is basеd on blockchain hash valuеs and thе application of dе-dеcеntralizеd tеchnology.  Its uniquе rulеs arе: bеforе playеrs placе bеts will bе madе public,  playеrs confirmеd to thе platform dеcеntralizеd wallеt transfеr that is a succеssful bеt.  And thе hash valuе gеnеratеd by thе bеtting rеsult is usеd to dеtеrminе thе currеnt winnеrs and losеrs.

Hash games are 100% fair and equitable?

The hash value used to determine hash games - is calculated by going through a cryptographic algorithm. This algorithm converts every betting information of the player into a fixed string through a cryptographic function, and this string is the hash value.

Characteristics of hash

Numerical Uniqueness

numerical uniqueness

As long as there is any change in the input information, the output hash value will be very different, which is like everyone's fingerprint DNA, is the only absolute time. When the player transfers bets to the platform address, subject to the equipment, IP address, amount, time and many other different factors produce different information, it will produce different but unique hash value. This guarantees the fairness of the lottery results.

Data Unidirectionality

data unidirectionality

Arbitrary input a string of data, can be obtained through the hash algorithm hash value, but can not be deduced through the hash value of the input data string, the algorithm of the encryption process is irreversible and absolute unidirectional, it is based on this to protect the security of information more accurate.



The hash value relies on the decentralized blockchain. Once the number of transactions than packaged into a block, any single node can no longer go to change this has become a fact, so players betting hash value, the platform can not be tampered with through later manipulation.

safety of funds

Hash games use the technology of the blockchain, and the player's decentralized wallet directly docked, in the process of the game, each rebate amount directly into the player's wallet, to ensure that the player's funds from the beginning to the end of the player can be in their own hands, this move not only avoids more risks, but also protects the user's privacy to a greater extent.

In addition, the funds are all run in the decentralized network, completely anonymous, will not leave any personal information, there will be no risk of freezing, every operation is recorded in the block at any time to query, absolutely open, extremely transparent.

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